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Prime Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice Bowl

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Experience the pinnacle of sushi perfection with our Prime Assorted Sashimi on Sushi Rice Bowl. This extraordinary dish showcases the finest ingredients, including the exquisite Sea Urchin, melt-in-your-mouth Toro, succulent Botan Shrimp, and a captivating array of seven daily recommendations.

Delight in the harmonious marriage of flavors and textures, as each piece of meticulously sliced sashimi rests atop a bed of expertly seasoned sushi rice. I

mmerse yourself in the artistry of sushi craftsmanship and savor the freshness of our daily recommendations and elevate your dining experience to new heights with this exceptional sushi delight.

Order now and treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary journey.

LKF Elite provides food delivery up to 20 km (driving distance) from our outlets in LKF and the minimum order amount is HK$ 500. Please get in touch with us for special deliveries and our Elite team will be very happy to help you!
We provide Free Delivery based on distance and order size. You can refer to the table below for more details. 
For example: if the delivery address is 8 km from LKF, we will charge you a HK$ 300 delivery fee. However, if you order more than HK$ 2,000 at once, you can enjoy free delivery. 
Order amount Up to 5km from LKF > 5km - 10km from LKF > 10km - 20km from LKF

≥$1000 - $1999

Free $300 $500

≥$2000 - $2999

Free Free $500


Free Free Free

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